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Sun City

Sun City

Sun City was my final project which I created in the third year of my university course. This project differed from all the rest that I had completed at university because it was a project in which I was to write my own brief. When writing the brief I had complete freedom over what it was that I would be creating and the topic and areas of design that I wanted to explore.


The idea of the project was to create a city which would help people to be more positive by giving them the correct amount of vitamin D and by allowing people to chose the climate in which they were living in, this idea came from the fact that usually in the sun people are much happier as the sun increases our serotonin levels.


Using this idea I created a city which used bio-domes as homes, where each home had a vitamin D room within the house as standard as well. The outcomes for this project where a 3D scaled mock city, a website, advertising and a sales sheet for customers viewing the homes.


This project allowed me to be very creative and allowed me to work within a medium that I haven't worked in before as I don't often work with many hands on areas of design. I felt that all areas of this project came together well and that it felt like one complete piece of work.



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